How to update a WordPress theme?

There are two different ways to update your WordPress theme. The first method is to use an FTP client, which will prevent your theme/website from going offline, and the second method would be to disable/delete the current theme version and then simply upload and activate the new version.

1. Method – Use an FTP client 

If you do not have an FTP client installed yet, I recommend to download and install the free of charge FTP client FileZilla. (use the normal FileZilla Client, NOT the server version)

Once you have installed FileZilla, please open it and enter your FTP log-in details. For that navigate to > File  > Site Manager. Now enter your host/IP, port, protocol, logon type (normal), username and password.

Normally you will receive those log-in details after purchasing your web hosting service in one of the very first e-mails.

After clicking on connect, your web hosting directory will open. Now please navigate to the following location > wp-content > themes > perfectlythemed.

In some rare cases you must click on public_html first or the name of the installation folder, which is often the name of your website, in order to get to the WordPress installation location where the wp-content folder is located.

When you are at the correct location, it will look as shown below.

perfectlythemed folder

Now select all files in the perfectlythemed folder that you have previously downloaded to your computer and drag & drop it onto the FileZilla FTP client. (click OK to overwrite the existing files)
Please see screenshot below.

update wordpress theme ftp

That’s it! Please note: It may take a couple of minutes for all files to be uploaded.


2. Method – Delete/Re-upload theme

The second method is pretty straightforward as all you got to do is to temporarily switch your theme and re-upload the new version.

First switch your WordPress theme by activating another WordPress theme.

switch wordpress theme

Now delete the current Perfectly Themed WordPress template. Please click on the picture for the delete button to appear, then click delete.

delete wordpress theme

Now click on Add New to install and activate the new version. That’s it!

add new wordpress theme to install and activate

If you require assistance with this or have any remaining questions, please open a support ticket or get in touch with us by e-mail at support(at)

Last updated: July 16, 2016 at 11:17 am