How to setup the contact/collaborate form/page?

For the contact page we recommend the plugin “Contact Form 7” as we’ve styled the forms for this plugin.

When you create your contact form, please use the following mark-up:

<p>[text* your-name placeholder "NAME"]</p>
<p>[email* your-email placeholder "EMAIL ADDRESS"]</p>
<p>[text your-subject placeholder "SUBJECT"] </p>
<p>[textarea your-message placeholder "TYPE MESSAGE HERE.."] </p>
<p>[submit "Send Inquiry"]</p>

contact form 7 page shortcode

And for the collaborate form, please us the following mark-up:

<p class="col-md-6">[text* your-name placeholder "FIRST NAME"]</p>
<p class="col-md-6 last">[text* last-name placeholder "LAST NAME"]</p>
<p class="col-md-6">[text company placeholder "COMPANY"]</p>
<p class="col-md-6 last">[url website placeholder "URL"]</p>
<p class="col-md-6">[email* your-email placeholder "EMAIL ADDRESS"]</p>
<p class="col-md-6 last">[tel tel-347 placeholder "PHONE NUMBER"]</p>
<p class="col-md-6"><span style="font-size:12px;color:#999;padding:0 10px 0 10px;">STARTING FROM</span>[date date-178]</p>
<p class="col-md-6 last"><span style="font-size:12px;color:#999;padding:0 10px 0 10px;">CAMPAIGN DURATION</span>[select menu-843 "CHOOSE" "1 DAY" "7 DAYS" "14 DAYS" "30 DAYS" "90 DAYS" "180 DAYS" "360 DAYS"]</p>
<p class="col-md-12">[text your-subject placeholder "SUBJECT"] </p>
<p class="col-md-12">[textarea your-message placeholder "TYPE MESSAGE HERE"] </p>
<p class="col-md-12">[submit "Send Inquiry"]</p>

collaborate form 7 page shortcode

Then simply add the contact form shortcode to your contact page as shown below.

How to setup the contact collaborate form page

Last updated: July 5, 2016 at 17:07 pm

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